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Our Beliefs

Since the beginning of ServerTab™, we prided ourselves on providing technology for small local restaurants giving them the ability to work smarter and more efficient while providing an even better experience for customers; without breaking the bank. We continue to live by this code, and hold pride in our values.

Our Founding

ServerTab was founded in 2018 by Karan Nagpal, and was originally based around the idea of  affordable online ordering for local restaurants without the use of fees or commissions per order. Being an owner of a small pizza shop in Edmonton himself, Karan understood the problems local restaurants faced in terms of long wait times, high operating expenses, and inefficiency across the board and thus, our first product, the ServerTab Self-Ordering Tablet Kiosk was made.

ServerTab was quickly embraced in our hometown of Edmonton by the local restaurant community and began growing quickly from there. As a result of this rapid growth, we have had the pleasure of developing and announcing our latest technologies such as QuickConnect® Wifi Ordering and Handheld POS.