What We’re Doing

We’re Looking To Replace Traditional & Paper Menus with A.I Powered Virtual Ones That Can Direct Order & Hail Servers.

ServerTab saves restaurants $1362.85 on average.

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Cut Labour Costs

15% more face time with customers while also adding an average of two tables to each server's capacity, allowing restaurants to ease required server labour hours.

Prevent The Spread of Germs

By using Servertab, the spread of dangerous germs transferred through menus is mitigated. Customers will feel more comfortable returning to your restaurant.

Increase Average Spend by 3-5%

Targeted and intuitive upsell prompts & add ons. helping guests to customize their order to exactly what they want and adding revenue along the way!

Prevent Waste From Paper Menus

Paper menus can prove to be detrimental to the environment and do not stand as a suitable long-term solution for the new normal standard.
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What ServerTab Does


ServerTab has three different applications depending on your business’ needs

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How to Access ServerTab Virtual Menus

Option #1: QuickConnect® Wifi Ordering

  • Connect To “Order Here” Wifi.
  • Be Sent Directly to Menu Ordering Automatically.
  • Customers can now view the menu, order directly & hail their server

It’s Seriously That Easy. Oh and did we mention, No downloads required.

Option #2: QR Code

  • Scan QR Code placed on signage via smartphone camera
  • Be Sent Directly to Menu 
  • Customers can now view the menu, order directly & hail their server

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    ServerTab not only kept my business afloat, it helped cut my operating costs to the point where I could actually enjoy running my business again.

    Jagjit KhairaOwner - South Point Pizza

    I honestly don't understand why something like ServerTab isn't already in more restaurants... huge upside at very little relative costs

    Anonymous Owner - Kobe Sushi